True Blue Pet Care Kit

Ref: KIT-PETSTB $119.99

Wellness is as important for pets as it is for the human members of our families. TrueBlue products offer easy to use yet super-effective pet care solutions that promote optimal pet health.

We believe that Wellness starts with preventative health maintenance. Regular use of TrueBlue products can help guard against some common ailments of the skin, teeth, and ears. And that means not only happier pets, but fewer costly vet visits as well!

Fast and Fresh Dental Swipes : 

With peppermint, parsley, and baking soda

Pets need regular dental care in-between professional cleanings, just like we do. And fresh breath is just the start! Regular dental care promotes healthy gums and can reduce infections that lead to tooth decay—and can even lead to more serious health problems. Many pet lovers find using our wipes much easier than brushing, yet they provide similar oral health benefits. 

Super Easy Ear Wipes : With lemon, marigold, aloe vera and green tea

  • Ear infections are one of the leading causes of vet visits yet they're mostly preventable with proper care. These Ear Wipes are simple to use and safely clean away dirt, wax and debris that can lean to infections.
  • Clean ears are healthy ears! Lemon cleans while promoting healthy blood vessels.
  • Marigold softens and soothes the delicate skin in your pet's ears.

Safe and Sure Eye Wipes : With cucumber, witch hazel and chamomile

  • Eliminating stubborn and unsightly tear stains can be a real challenge. Now, you don't have to resort to food additives laden with antibiotics.
  • These Eye Wipes use a special all-natural cleaning solution that's safe and gentle, yet extremely effective.
  • Witch Hazel cleans away dirt and stains.
  • Cucumber and Chamomile soften and soothe the delicate skin around the eyes.

Super Fresh Dog Shampoo : With grapefruit and chamomile

  • This terrific shampoo leaves your pet’s coat super clean and great smelling, without stripping beneficial natural oils. So you can shampoo as often as you like, without drying your pet’s skin!
  • Grapefruit cleans without stripping natural oils.
  • Chamomile adds sheen to the coat.

True Blue Moisturzing Conditioner : With aloe, avocado, lemongrass, and silk and wheat proteins

  • Our ultra-rich Conditioner delivers nourishment to both skin and hair, and leaves the coat revitalized and super soft.
  • Avocado replenishes essential nutrients for healthy skin and coat.
  • Aloe naturally moisturizes.