Panasonic Urbana Collection Massage Chair

Ref: EP-MA03K $4399.99

The EP-MA03 delivers a gentle massage specifically contoured to suit each user’s unique structure.

From the soothing palm style of Swedish massage, to deep tissue kneading, to Shiatsu massage, the Panasonic EP-MA03 has a variety of techniques to target acupoints, resulting in invigorating energy

  • Neck Massage
  • Shoulder and back massage (adaptable curved chassis)
  • Contoured body specific massage - designed to accommodate a variety of users (185 cm, 160 cm, 150 cm, etc)
  • Foot and Calve Massage
  • 4 pre-program massage modes Deep (Firm, deep tissue massage)
  • Selected area modes: Neck/Shoulder
  • Manual modes: Neck roll, Neck knead, Knead, Tap & Back roll
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 
  • Not reclined: Approx. 105 x 78 x 150 cm 
  • Reclined: Approx. 82 x 78 x 176 cm