Panasonic Beard Trimmer (ER GB96K)

Ref: ER-GB96K $129.99 $129.99

New Trimmer for a Professional Look

Give your beard a professional look with this trimmer that features special blades and a powerful motor to let you arrange as desired a long beard at home,  without going to the barber

Multiple Trimming Length Settings 

  •   58 cutting lengths from 0.5mm to 30mm
  •   Intervals of 0.5mm. No setting to 10.5mm and 20.5mm

4 attachments for easy length setting

Detailed grooming, short, medium and long beard.

Power motor and wider tip blades

Equipped with a powerful motor for smooth cutting of even hard, dense beards

New Blade System with Wide Pitch

To catch more whiskers with a single stroke, the new blade system features a wide pitch between blades.This effectively captures even long, dense whiskers in the cutting zone

Precise Detail Designing

The 5mm wide detail attachment is ideal for trimming detailed areas such as a soul patch or moustache. It also features a switching button to enable use on either side of face