Panasonic Amplified Telephone with Digital Answering Machine

Ref: KX-TGM470 $179.99 $179.99

Loud and Clear: Amplifies Incoming Voice Calls up to 40 dB

Hear and be heard, loud and clear with Volume Boost control for amplified caller volume up to 40 dB. Also includes six voice tone settings and a loud base unit ringer. 

Slow Talk Mode for Better Understanding 

To understand quick-talking callers and garbled or rapid-fire voice messages, the KX-TGM470 comes with one-touch Slow Talk control to automatically slow the speed of caller voices while conversing in real time. 

Convenience Features

  • Along with amplified features, the KX-TGM470 also makes everyday calling, conversing or messaging easier. 
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Use
  • The amplified KX-TGM470 also offer more convenient features with enlarged touch controls.