John Deere Gator XUV Green

Ref: PEG-IGOD0063 $599.99 $599.99

The John Deere Gator XUV is the perfect riding vehicle for little helpers!

They’ll drive around the yard in their own John Deere Gator, hauling everything imaginable in their extra-large dump bed with opening tailgate. Let them share the fun with a friend with the spacious side-by-side seats. With foot pedal accelerator and automatic brakes. The 2-speed shifter with reverse allows them to drive at 2.25 or 4.5 mph / 3.6 kph or 7.2 kph on grass, dirt or hard surfaces. Parents will appreciate the adjustable seats for growing children  and 4.5 mph / 7.2 kph lockout that prevents beginners from going too fast.

Keep the fun going  with the included 12-volt rechargeable battery and charger. If you’re looking for a faster way to longer fun, check out our 12-volt Quick Charger, which charges the vehicle in 2 hours!

  • High Performance : Special High Performance Rechargeable Battery Powered XUV 
  • 2-Speeds : 2.25or 4.5 mph / 4 kph to 7.2 kph on grass, dirt or hard surfaces (4 ½ mph / 7.2 kph lockout for beginners) 
  • Reverse : Switches easily to reverse mode, just like the real deal 
  • Cargo : Extra-large dump bed with tailgate 
  • Wheels : Super traction wheels for grass, dirt, gravel or hard surfaces 
  • Room to Grow : Adjustable seat for growing kids, front brush guard 
  • Add a Friend : Provides twice the fun with side-by-side seating 
  • Power Up : 12-volt rechargeable battery and charger included 
  • Cup Holders : Take along juice or water for long journeys on a hot day 
  • Weight Capacity : Can hold up to 130 lbs / 58 kg (total for both riders) 
  • Warranty : Free second year warranty extension with participation