John Deere 3 Wheel Tractor with Trailer

Ref: KETLR-52769 $199.99 $199.99

The John Deere 3 Wheel Tractor with Trailer is a ride on toy that will bring great pleasure to hard working preschoolers.

Introduce your little one to the fun and exciting world of farming with the John Deere Kid Tractor from Kettler. Fully equipped with a front loader, hauling trailer, and durable tires, this ride-on toy is the real deal.

  • Front loader that can be raised and lowered, scooped and tipped using the levers
  • Rear detachable hauling trailer
  • 12mm rear axle
  • Covered integral fixed wheel chain drive
  • High impact blow molded resin body
  • Working electronic horn
  • Oversized resin tires with long lasting rubberized tread
  • Removable hauling trailer
  • Maximum weight 50lbs
  • Recommended for Ages 2 1/2 to 5 Years