Fiskar POWER TOOTH Softgrip Folding Saw (10")

Ref: FISKAR-390470 $26.99

A great combination of cutting power and comfort, whether you’re cutting overhand or making undercuts.

Our POWER TOOTH Softgrip Folding Saw features a razor-sharp, triple-ground blade that makes aggressive cuts to help you power through thick branches faster. The saw blade locks in two different open positions, so whether you’re making overhand cuts or undercuts, you still have maximum cutting power and control. Softgrip® touchpoints provide a comfortable, secure grip no matter which way you’re cutting, and our pruning saw even folds and locks for space-saving storage and safe transportation

  • Ideal for cutting thick branches
  • POWER TOOTHblade with razor-sharp, triple-ground teeth powers through wood faster
  • Blade locks in two different open positions, optimized for overhand cuts and undercuts
  • Fully hardened, precision-ground steel blade stays sharp, even through heavy use
  • Softgrip touchpoints enhance comfort and control
  • Blade folds and locks for safe storage and transportation
  • Handle hang hole offers convenient storage
  • Blade length: 10"
  • Lifetime warranty