Breville The Tea Maker

Ref: TNX-BTM800XL $349.99

The new Breville Tea Maker is a revolutionary tea experience.
The fully automated tea basket moves down, then up, gently
agitating the leaves to precisely infuse your tea. Push the
basket button and watch the basket cycle in and out of
immersion. Seeing is believing.

Different tea varietals such as Black, Green, White, and
Oolong require exact water temperatures and controlled
brew times to allow their unique flavors and aromas to
develop during brewing. The Tea Maker eliminates the
guesswork so you can enjoy a perfect cup of tea, every time.

Fully programmable for all types of tea, water temperatures,
and steep times. The moving tea basket allows water to
circulate freely around the individual tea leaves for maximum
infusion. Set the timer and wake up to the aroma of your
favorite brew. The German-made Schott glass kettle is
durable and stain resistant.

Relaxation – from start to finish.