Blue Rhino Insect Trap (Mosquito Exterminator)

Ref: BR-SV3100C $1099.99 $1099.99

Don't let pesky mosquitoes and other insects ruin your backyard parties, picnics and barbecues. The Blue Rhino SkeeterVac Mosquito Trap transforms clean-burning propane into CO2 to attract mosquitoes into its trap. Turn the FineTune dial to set the attractant to match the insect species indigenous to your neighborhood. Once the bugs are attracted, the Vac&Tac trapping system utilizes a powerful vacuum and sticky paper traps to securely capture them. Just place the SkeeterVac Mosquito Eliminator in a shady spot, secure it in place using the included security spikes and use the electronic ignition to ensure fast, easy, safe starts. Within four to six weeks of operating the SkeeterVac around the clock, you will notice a great insect reduction within one acre of your yard. The Motion Lighting feature attracts a broader range of insects to increase your capture rate. The SkeeterVac is quiet, odorless, child-safe and presents no pesky cords to trip over or get in the way of the lawn mower

  • Provides 1-acre coverage for attracting, trapping and killing biting insects such as mosquitoes, black flies, sand flies, no-see-ums, and biting midges
  • Cordless -- just turn on the gas at the cylinder (sold separately), push the multi-spark electronic ignitor, and the SkeeterVac starts operating quietly and odour-free
  • 31,000 cc/hr CO2 output for maximum attraction
  • Includes a cartridge of Octenol which acts as an additional attractant over and above CO2; FineTune allows you to adjust the Octenol release levels to match species in your area
  • Directional sticky trap binds mosquitoes as they land on it and uses an exclusive contrast pattern to help direct flight paths into the vacuum trap
  • 5-colour LED 'motion' lighting system helps increase attraction levels and works on difficult species like the Asian Tiger mosquito
  • Wave Trap feature ensures minimal loss in vacuum power -- as the trap fills up, air flows unobstructed straight down
  • No-tool assembly -- simply snap the post to the base and head, dial in the Octenol level, and hand-tighten the regulator to the cylinder (sold separately)
  • Includes security stakes and vinyl cylinder cover