Keep your Full Beard from Looking Messy with Pansonic new Trimmer

 To prevent a full beard from looking messy, it's important to create a clean outline by trimming whiskers that have become too long. With this style, slightly curling the moustache adds a touch of refinement.

Start by untangling your beard so it's neat & tidy. Next take your Panasonic beard trimmer to cut the long whiskers that are sticking out. Be sure to shave your cheeks and neck for a clean look.
You're ready to trim that long beard! With the trimmer's blade held perpendicular to the beard, cut whiskers while lightly touching the surface. Be careful with this step, holding the trimmer at an angle will cut deep into the beard.
Got a moustache too? Curl it slightly to add that exta touch of refinement.

If this is the look you're after, you're looking for the Panasonic rechargeable beard trimmer - ER-GB96.

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