With the Fall Season upon us, we tend to close our windows and doors more. Which means our air inside our home can become stale. One solution is the purchase of a good air diffuser to remove unpleasant air and live better.

Purify the air in your home with a Therawell Ultrasonic diffuser.

New to the line in 2017 is the Chestnut diffuser. This contemporary and modern design unit, not only promotes well being, but also helps set the right tone to your home with it's beautiful LED mood lighting. Not only cleaner air and mood lighting, the Chestnut can also act as a humidifier thanks to the built-in misting function. 

Simple to use, add water along with a few drops of your favourite Therawell essentail oil, plug in the power button and turn the unit on to begin purifying the air in your home.