Are you Ready Spring Yard Work

It's that time of year and Nationwide & Fiskars has all the yard work products you'll need.

Fiskars is a leading brand that provides functional, user-friendly and lasting design solutions for hand tools and beyond. Fiskars products respond to genuine inspiration and drive to get the job done well in the most effortless and intuitive way.

Fiskars launched the world’s first plastic-handled scissors in 1967. Since then, these orange scissors have sold more than 1 billion pieces worldwide and their iconic status has resulted in the Fiskars orange being synonymous with scissors across the world.

Gardening is hard work. We're here to help. From pruners to hedge shears from weeders to mowers, Nationwide has it all.
Plus, many of Fiskars Powergear garden tools are recognized as Arthritis friendly by the Arthritis Society.

Give us a call and we'll even let you in on the origin of their orange colour.