Electric bikes make going from A to B fun! You will no longer have to sit in traffic or be crammed in public transport. You will have the freedom of riding through congestion and feel like a super star while doing it! 

The Amego Freedom is a compact folding bike that is great for taking out of town or using around the city for commuting, running errands or plain, old fun. With the 350 watt motor the Freedom has the speed and climbing ability normally found on full size bikes. The Freedom has 6 levels of pedal assisted power. The speed sensor senses how fast you are pedalling and adds motor power to increase your speed. Each level of assistance has a maximum speed. There is also a throttle that gives you power if you don't feel like pedalling. The 480 Wh lithium battery provides upto 90 KM per charge on level 1 assistance.

E-Bikes can be used in a variety of different ways. You can, like a lot of people, use it as a primary method of getting around the city, or for fun & recreation. 
Either way, using an E-Bike is a much better alternative than most transportation methods. 
E-Bikes are 18 times more energy efficient than an SUV
E-Bikes are 13 times more energy efficient than a Sedan
E-Bikes are 6 times more energy efficient than rail transit
E-Bikes greatly reduce impact on infrastructure
Amego's main goal is to help protect the environment, by providing a method of transportation that is energy efficient. With the "Electric Movement” picking up momentum, an energy efficient lifestyle is becoming more common in modern cities.
Contributing positively to the environment doesn't take a drastic change in your lifestyle. Helping the environment can be as easy as riding a bike. Instead of jumping into your car on a hot summer day, idling for 30 minutes and driving around for another 20 looking for parking, just jump onto an E-Bike. An E-Bike can go anywhere a bike can go, but it can do it a lot faster.