A message from Ted Nishi Jr. CEO of Nationwide

The Nishi family has a long history with Panasonic Canada, starting in the early 1960's. In the spring of 1963, Mr. Bud Fujii of MECA contacted Ted Nishi Sr. to sell Nationwide component parts for Nationwide's expanding manufacturing operations in Toronto.

During the ensuing meetings and conversations, Ted Sr. secured a parts supply agreement from MECA and the talk of distributing Panasonic's early consumer electronics products for Canada developed.

 During the following years of 1963 through to 1967, Ted Sr., along with Mr. Hal Brown established the distributor network that spanned across the country from BC to the Maritimes, selling a selection of Panasonic audio products. Many of the original distributors were involved with Hal Brown and Ted Sr. Ted Sr. took on the role of Panasonic Canada's first CSA contact as Ted Sr. was in contact with CSA through Nationwide's manufacturing of consumer electronics. 

Nationwide manufactured and assembled many of the early Panasonic consumer product that were sold to independent dealers and national accounts such as Eaton's, Simpson's, Sears, The Bay and many more.  Early Panasonic Turntables, Speakers and Home Entertainment Systems (HES) were assembled at Nationwide's production plant and shipped to Panasonic's warehouse on Kipling and later, the Ronson Drive head office location.

One of Ted Sr's most influential contributions was having the CT-66c approved with CSA. The CT-66c was Panasonics first colour TV introduced to the Canadian market in September 1966. This enabled Panasonic Canada to launch its direct entry into Canada with the assistant of Ted. Sr. hitting the pavement running

Throughout the following years, Nationwide continued and expanded the distribution of Panasonic's growing line of consumer products to the premium & incentive industry. This market has evolved into the Loyalty market where Nationwide has a dominant role in supplying  Panasonic consumer products to major loyalty programs such as Air Miles, Aeroplan, AMEX, all the major banks for the VISA/MasterCard points programs, government/schools and corporate sales

Ted Jr. is the current CEO. Ted Jr. "cut" his teeth starting in 1971 working summers on the production line at Nationwide. Since that early start, Ted Jr. has moved from production to marketing and eventually sales management at Nationwide. From that start in the early 1960s to 2017, where personal integrity and respect meant more than a 30 page contract, the Nishi's and Nationwide have enjoyed a unique relationship that first evolve from a simple handshake