Rewarding anyone who can affect your business is a great way to improve your bottom line

Ted Nishi Sr. had an ambition to manufacture consumer electronic products and in 1962 he began to realize that dream. Nationwide started manufacturing and assembling turntables, hi-fi components and speaker enclosures under its' own brand name, Music Master, and for the OEM brands. Simultaneously, Nationwide brought Panasonic to Canada in 1963. When Panasonic established a Canadian corporate operation in 1967, Nationwide became the exclusive Canadian distributor in the areas of premium/incentive sales, government and institutional markets.
Nationwide is the industry reward and incentive leader for more than 50 years

Nationwide is proud to be one of the largest suppliers and distributors of loyalty and incentive products, in Canada, providing a wide variety of premium name-brand products. Our award assortment is continually being updated to ensure every program is offered the best items available from a single source all under one roof.

We are a respected industry leader because we know what matters most.
At every level, we strive to exceed your highest expectation

Our business is to make your business better.
This includes a client support team that is second to none.

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Outstanding Award Selection
+ Superior Service
+ Industry Expertise